Cranberry Drinking Vinegar


Cranberry Drinking Vinegar


We've teamed up with Starvation Alley Cranberry to source the best local organic cranberries and you can taste the difference! Cranberry Som is bursting with tartness and just the right amount of sweetness. It works great in a cocktail using vodka, gin, brandy, bourbon and tequila. Just about any spirit works! You can also get creative in the kitchen using it as a glaze or flavor enhancer.

16 oz. bottle ships from Portland, OR

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Once opened put in refrigerator and use within the year.
Dimensions: W 3" x H 6.6" x D 3"
Weight: 3 lbs
Ingredients: Cane Vinegar, Demerara Sugar, Cane Sugar, Fresh Cranberries, Sea Salt

Note: There may be extra charges when shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada.